Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

We specialize in high quality monoclonal antibodies, particularly those which are difficult to produce. Our two main foci are robust screening methodologies and excellent antigen design.


Our monoclonal antibody development service produces high quality hybridoma cell lines.

Humimmu offer a custom antibody production service based on the classic Kohler and Milstein technique for the production of monoclonal antibodies. We can offer the client advice on the design and expression of the antigen to help ensure a positive outcome to the project. Using techniques developed over 15 years, our lab achieves high fusion success rates which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome of your project.

Over the past 15 years we have performed more than 250 hybridoma fusions and produced over 1000 hybridoma cell lines for a wide range of clients, from small biotech to large pharmaceutical companies.

Fusion Antibodies offer a range of options for developing monoclonal antibodies. Our goal is to allow access to the production of high quality antibodies to a wide variety of researchers with flexible pricing. We provide a “core” service including immunization of mice, hybridoma fusion, screening and cloning but now also have options to include additional services such as adaptation to supplement free media.

An example of the service options include:

Optional – Stage I: Production of ~5mg of recombinant protein or peptide antigen
Stage II : Immunization of 5 mice
Stage III: Fusion screening and selection of positive hybridomas
Stage IV: Cloning to produce hybridoma cell line
Recommend – Stage V: Adaption to cloning supplement free media
Optional – Stage VI: - Scale up/purification of lead candidates

Project Timeline for Stages II, III and IV – 20 Weeks

Our approach is to listen to your final requirements and work with you to design a mile-stoned work package to deliver on your exact requirements for your monoclonal antibody development program. The murine antibodies we manufacture are perfect as high quality research antibodies and when your project is ready we can humanize them for use in the clinic.

Key points

  • 15+ years experience in the Antibody Development field
  • Hundreds of successful projects
  • Extensive knowledge of antigen design, expression and purification
  • We can offer complete packages to move your antibody forward
  • Client-focused
  • We will work with your team closely to achieve your goals
  • USA-based company
  • Mile-stoned payments

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