Antibody mRNA Sequencing

We are Antibody Sequencing experts, with 5+ years of experience and 100 antibodies successfully sequenced. 

We use custom primer sets developed to achieve very high success rates and we are so confident in our monoclonal antibody sequencing service we even guarantee it. If we are not able to obtain a strong consensus sequence for your antibody, you do not have to pay for our service.

Why our antibody sequencing service is the best.

Humimmu have unmatched strength and depth of knowledge in this highly skilled area of research which will help accelerate your discovery and validation process.



We have sequenced antibodies from many species including Mouse, Human, Rat, Armenian Hamster, Horse, Cow, Dog and others. In our standard sequencing packages we clone and sequence extracted mRNA from your hybridoma cell lines and generate a full report of the consensus variable domains including CDR and aberrant light chain identification.  Our platform is so robust we have even obtained sequences from dead hybridomas from a number of projects!

Our ground breaking services have made us a recognized leader in hybridoma sequencing services which have been used repeatedly by top pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists around the globe.

Most importantly, our standard sequencing services do not just provide a single antibody sequence. We sequence 10-50 antibody independent clones and build a strong consensus sequence. Our sequencing service is the only service where you can be 100% sure that you have the correct sequence of your antibody, which is critical for downstream applications.

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Whatever your application, our antibody sequencing service is one that you can depend on.

Accurate sequencing of your monoclonal antibodies is critical for downsteam applications. If your antibody sequence will be used for downsteam development such as antibody humanization or CHO cell line development then having a 100% accurate sequence is crucial.

Quality Control

Third party verification of your target antibody cell line gives you added security in your processes.

Patent Applications

Sequence information can support and strengthen your patent. Our robust monoclonal antibody sequencing services give you confidence that your parent contains the correct antibody sequence.

Full Traceability

Ensure batch to batch consistency throughout your research, development and manufacturing programs. From 1 to 100's of antibodies, our F.A.A.S.T service option is perfect for rapid sequencing of small to large numbers of antibodies.

Drug Development

Sequence data can assist in the selection of target cell line and is vital for any downstream antibody engineering. Be 100% sure of your antibody sequence before investing in recombinant modification processes such as antibody humanization or antibody engineering.

Service levels

Antibody variable domain sequencing

VH and VL only

5'RACE Antibody sequencing

VH, VL and leader sequence

Full antibody sequencing

VH, VL, leader sequence and constant domains

F.A.A.S.T. antibody sequencing service

We have recently introduced a new service level whereby we can sequence your antibody in as little as 2 weeks. Humimmu Accelerated Sequencing Technology (F.A.A.S.T.) is a one-shot approach to rapidly identify antibody sequences from your target cell lines. The service allows a low-cost option to rapidly acquire a sequence, but for a more robust, guaranteed sequencing option we would still highly recommend our standard sequencing services as detailed above.

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