Mouse Oct4-GFP ES Cells

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Oct4 is a transcriptional factor from POU protein family. It is one of the most important markers for undifferentiated embryonic stem cells and is required to maintain the self-renwal of mESCs1. Oct4 is also associated with human germ cell tumors2.

PrimCells is proud to isolate and provide to the research community the culture of Oct4-EGFP ESCs from transgenic knock-in mice. These cells were cultured in standard ESCs medium on gelatin coated plates and be used as a powerful tool to examine the mechanism of self-renwal of mouse embryonic stem cells. Oct4-GFP mESCs should be maintained in the stem cell culture medium with LIF to maintain the pluripotent state (Figure 1).

Note: This cell line is puromycin-resistent. 

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