Cas9 Stable Cell Line for CRISPR (C2C12 Cells, inducible)

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Cas9 Stable Cell Line for CRISPR (C2C12, inducible)


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For in vitro use only



The recombinant, flag-tagged Cas9 (humanized S. pyogenes Cas9) is inducibly expressed in C2C12 in a tetracycline-dependent (0.1-1ug/mL) manner. This cell line is also puromycin (2 ug/mL) resistant.


CRISPR, the Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, is currently the most commonly used technology for genome editing. There are two distinct components in this system: a guide RNA and an RNA-guided DNA nuclease, Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9). When these two components are expressed together in the same cells, the genomic sequence targeted by the gRNA will be edited (modified or permanently disrupted).

       Given the immediate availability of mouse and human lentiviral CRISPR gRNA libraries, CRISPR technology has tremendously benefitted the scientific community in both academia and industry. Humimmu is now providing tetracycline inducible Cas9 expressing cell lines of a variety of tissue origin to further facilitate high-throughput, CRISPR based genome-wide screening.

Host Cell

C2C12, mouse myoblast cell

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